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Saturday, August 13, 2005


I am trying to get the base64 idea into use, and find my javascript skills aint up to snuff. I actually found out that some of the browsers have base64 decoding built into them. Firefox, which is my default browser, has it and MSIE even has it, but I can't get it to work from IE. I can write an HTML document using an iframe element, set the src property to "data:text/plain;base64," along with the encoded data, and when Firefox opens the page I get a nice pretty printout of my code. IE doesn't even show the alternate text. This method encapsulates an entire file's data within a single tag. The other way this should work is that I'd put all the encoded data on the page provide a button to kick off a javascript that would be put in the template, and just display a new window or even frame, but I like the idea of the new window. One of the advantages of using the built-in is that its exceedingly easy to do. A disadvantage would be the current prevalent use of IE that doesn't work correctly or at least blocks the usage due to security concerns. Anyone who knows of such issues care to comment?



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