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Thursday, May 19, 2005

We dont need no shtinking Intelligence

Thinkers? We don't need no shtinking thinkers. Intelligence? We don't need no shtinking intelligence. Wait, that's a double negative. We don't need no shtinking telligence.

So goes the wisdom of some, in the ignorance of their own thoughts. We, as a society, need thinkers and intelligence more than ever. Thinkers and intelligence is all we have to prevent society from being lead down the path of destruction. The manipulators and selfish are the enemies of society, the deceivers of the lazy. We must be ever vigilent and question actions we are told that are necessary, and forever doubt the motives of those who would lead us to such self destructive ends. We must forever protect the rights that our founding fathers wished for society, no matter what we may be told otherwise. We must perform our due diligence to those things that are really important for society as a whole and quit paying attention to things that will not affect our children's futures like sports.

Sports are meant to be participated in, not watched, not studied like the stock market. Whether or not Joe Blow hits, runs, throws, catches or jumps more than anyone else has does not have any bearing on the direction of the country. Its all fluff, presented to keep minds off of the wrongs being performed by those who would take your very life if it meant they could pocket a few more cents for whatever they have an investment in.

They, who have no qualms telling us this, whatever this may be, is wrong, while doing it -and worse- themselves. Those who would take your job, because they can have someone do it for less elsewhere, and try to tell you that it is good for the company, so its good for the country. Well, tell that to the people who are working and not making enough to feed their children properly, because their job went elsewhere. Tell it to those who lose their homes. Tell it to the ones who are dying because they can't afford health care. And tell it to the ones who did it when the investments are seized by governments, when it happens. It will happen. And when the world's economy goes belly up, tell it to everyone.

Give in to fear, and fear forever. Don't give 'em an inch, because we all know what they'll take. Remain vigilent, remain free.

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At Sunday, June 5, 2005 at 1:27:00 AM EDT, Blogger Dizzy $visitorIP said...

This is an interesting post & I wud like to comment here.But first of all, I must point out that there is a contradiction in your last para.You tell us to Fear, & you also tell us to be Free.These are two contradictory aspects that cannot exixt together.
Fear means bondage.It is the opposite of love & freedom.In love & freedom you expand, in fear you shrink. In fear one becomes closed while in freedom one opens & releses.Fear resricts you, binds you, Freedom sends you forth & forward.
You are right when you feel that society need thinkers. But more than that we need is is a quality much above intellect.When someone becomes identified with his intellect, intellectuality is born. When someone remains the master, unidentified with his intellect, intelligence is born.Intellect is the same. The whole thing depends uponwhether you get identified with it or remain transendental to it. Intelligence is of tremendous importance; intellectuality is a barrier because then you become identified with mind, which is only infact an instrument.Use the mind, use it as a machine& it will serve you; but if it starts using you, it might prove dangerous.
Awareness means that whatever is happening in the moment is happening with complete consciousness; you are present there.
You are right about the manipulators.Yet it happens on a larger scale than you might be actually aware of.It forms the very part of our existence. Everybody is being manipulated.Our whole society depends upon manipulating.Parents are manipulating their children, politicians are manipulating the masses, priests are manipulating their congregations. Even children start manipulating their parents, very small children, they know that their smiles will fetch them toys, sweets & hugs & kisses.So they Smile even when they have no desire to smile.Look into the eyes of a child, you will find a politician there. The dease becomes ingrained in the very System of society from childhood. A child Manipulates & we reward manipulations.
We all are victims of manipulations. Sombody insults us, that is his action.We get annoyed, that is our reaction. We are not acting on our own, the other has pushed our button. Reaction is unconscious where you are unaware that you are being manipulated.
About freedom: Freedom is of three kinds," freedom from" which is a negative kind of freedom: from father, from mother, from socity, from priest, from professor from politician.That is good in the beginning, but that cannot be the goal. because once you are free 'from' whatever or whoever then what?You will lose all meaning and siginificance because your whole life had meaning in saying' no'. Now whom wud you say no to?
The second kind is " freedom for". which is positive.Here the interest lies not in denial but to be creative & that will make you happy at least because you will be fulfilling your dream.
The third is freedom from these both kinds, both positive & negative, to rise above these, This is Just freedom...
Anyway..this prattle is going beyond its actual focus. so I'll stop here.
The bottom line remains..Awareness is the key.

At Monday, June 20, 2005 at 9:07:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Sarah $visitorIP said...

I have mixed opinions on your argument. I do believe that intellect is imperative today more than ever, especially since we are fed biased news via every medium, i.e. television, radio, internet, newspaper, etc. We certainly can agree that what we are told is not completely accurate, and it takes both intellect and energy to decipher deceit from truth. Often, the stories that top the headlines across the world are not even acknowledged in our primetime newscasts. Yes, intelligence and the desire to find the real answers are essential to America’s future, especially since repercussions from one country’s actions are felt globally.

However, even with the lack of truthful information readily available, we should not disregard the pleasures of life. As we are all unique, each of us has different preferences on how we would like to spend our free time. If sports are what allows one to relieve stress, then participate. Personally, I find enjoyment in watching sports and listening to music. Does this mean that I am not intelligent or I am decreasing my capacity for knowledge? I think not. Instead, these activities, which you may not choose to engage in, allow my mind to relax for the moment so that I can be focused and alert when I need to be. Other activities that you may engage in may not be my cup of tea, or should I say coffee. Imagine how uptight and boring our society would be if we did not allow such opportunities for relaxation.

Additionally, I am in disagreement with your feelings toward globalization. We must allow companies to go where they can produce goods for the most profit. It is essential in order for the markets to work properly. I understand that this means that some people are going to loose their jobs temporarily. I know that one day I may be in a position that I may loose my job to a person in a “third world” county. However, when this happens we must become knowledgeable in a different area in which there is a local demand. The increased competition encourages us to continue to learn our industry and become an indispensable asset to our employer. Globalization is really best for the entire world, even if individuals will suffer temporarily. If we do not participate in this progression, then we will loose our position as the chief economy sooner rather than later. If we do not globalize, then we will be the ones going “belly up.”

At Wednesday, June 22, 2005 at 2:11:00 PM EDT, Blogger Dizzy $visitorIP said...

guess it has been an age old phenomenon, earlier it was called imperialism, today it is globalisation & outsourcisng.
During the British imperialism in India, many Indian cottage industries were ruined as the goods produced by the british during the industrial revolution was cheaper & better quality.Millions lost their means of livelihood then...& they were stealing our ores & resources too...
Now Indians are doing the same...stealing jobs that belong to Americans...Still America is better off as it is a land of infinite possibilities & hugely endowed resourcefully...
I agree with Sarah...train yourself elsewhere where there is demand is perhaps the only solution...something are just beyond us...Life as they say, was never fair...

At Sunday, June 26, 2005 at 12:45:00 AM EDT, Blogger Dizzy $visitorIP said...

..& then when computers& machines replaced manual labor there was hardly any hue & cry or protest...
...why is it that man usually creies foul against man...?

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