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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I'm Back Up!

I am back up. My old machine is like lightly caramelized bread, its toast. I splurged and bought a new motherboard, CPU, and RAM, inserted them into my old case with the drives I had, and I am now in the process of building this booger out to let me do what I do.

I still haven't determined what was wrong with my old box, other than it was dead. Whether it was the motherboard or CPU, I have yet to determine. Hopefully, it was something minor, so I could buy a used case, and whatever went bad off of ebay or something, and put a
Linux box together to use for an LDAP server to program against.

Rebuilding a machine with all the programs I had installed is a pain in the deriere. And trying to remember all of the usernames and passwords for sites is, too. Like the one for my blog. :)

Meanwhile, I'll see if I can find a job.


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