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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

ADAM and Scripting with VBScript

I've been experimenting with ADAM (Active Directory Application Mode) so I can have an environment to do my Active Directory scripting against. Its a neat piece of software. It provides most (not all) of what Active Directory does, is extensible, and doesn't require the access to DNS servers that AD does.
The administration tools are not as nice as that provided by AD, but they work. They do require you to do a lot more looking around, which is actually a good thing, since those things that you have to look up teach you a lot about the underlying structure of how everything works. Its not as bad as building an entire network from the ground up, but it is a good step towards understanding how to build one up.
So far I only have two test accounts setup. Now I need to do some quick and dirty scripts to create a huge number of users. Before I do that, I think I need to create a little more structure as far as Organizational Units, create a large number of groups to put the users into, and setup security.
I just wish that I could do some Exchange programming, since ADAM only supports some of the attributes from Exchange, all I can do is manipulate the data, but I won't be able to check how it affects Exchange. Darn.



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