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Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Bloom Fades

The Bloom fades
The seeds of life begin to form

The Bloom falls
The fruit ripens

The Fruit falls
The Feast begins

The Seed springs forth
The Growth continues

The Bud forms
The Bloom fades

We watch in amazement,
and our Understanding Grows

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At Friday, April 21, 2006 at 3:07:00 AM EDT, Blogger Dizzy $visitorIP said...

Very interesting lyric...very factual..& so the cycle of life continues.Reminds me of the first stanza of P B shelly's Ode to the West Wind...
...& we can go step further to realise the truth from this truism...about the suffering that the seed has to go, because, unless the seed dies the tree will never be born & the bloom shall never come to existence.
But who remembers the seed and its courage to die for the unknown to be born?
The same is true...unless the shell that encloses your understanding goes through suffering breaks down, allows freedom to your understanding, there is going to be certain pain..
all your knowledge, your conditionings, the whole process of your upbringing, education, society, civilisation..they costitute the shell which keeps your understanding imprisoned...the shell that encloses the seed within is as important because it contains your whole past...& breaking of the shell is not have to disconnect from your past & it is not easy...not like taking off your clothes, but like the peeling of your skin....
But without passing through this pain , there is no possibility of any understanding...

At Saturday, April 22, 2006 at 6:30:00 PM EDT, Blogger Charles $visitorIP said...

Personally, I find that there is a lot of learning that may be done through the simple act of observation. Sometimes, it isn't enough and we must experience the folly of our own errors. Even then we must observe. We must learn the error of poor judgement of the outcome of our decisions. We must change our view of the world and even of ourselves. I hate when that happens.

Please don't get me wrong, I love to learn. I love to do the right thing in the right situation. Sometimes, I hate to do the right thing in the wrong situation. I always hate to do the wrong thing in the wrong situation. In all situations I hope to learn the right thing, and that I can rise to do the right thing. Sometimes doing the right thing hurts me more than I could have gotten away with if I had done the wrong thing. Even if it hurts, I have done the right thing if I walk away without hurting the me I want to be. What does it profit me if I am not myself? There are some who think that making money, or controlling others, or having some certain position, is worth lying, cheating, hurting others or some other evil, is worth it. They are wrong. I hope to die satisfied with what I did, and with who I was.

At Monday, April 24, 2006 at 3:15:00 AM EDT, Blogger Dizzy $visitorIP said...

I feel happy to know how you feel.& although I am not a religious person in a fundamentalist sense or to say euphemistically,strictly adhere to the religious norms,I have still studied the Book.& when you say all that you have said here, it reminds me of a sentence from Quran.It says, that amongst the most loveable persons, for God, are the ones who are most righteous in their living; and amongst the most hateful are the ones who are arrogant.
Yes you are right when you say, that we learn by observing[ I think I have used the term 'watching' for that in the past].Much of the Truths of Life dawn in the light of observation, & many a truths are to be realised through experience.
Very few ppl have dared to discover the truth, And it is risky because it may not console you, it has no obligation to console you.It is risky, as it may shatter all that you have known before, & you will have to rearrange your whole life. It is dangerous, it may destroy all your illusions, it may shatter all your dreams. It is going through fire, it will burn you as you are. A self immolation will happen.And who knows what will happen later on?
How can a seed know that by dying in the soil it will become a great tree?It will not be there to witness the happening. How can the seed know that one day, if it dies there will be great foliage, green leaves, great branches and flowers and fruits? how can the seed know? The seed will not be there. The seed has to disappear before that can happen.
Most people live, surrounded by their illusions, self created, self sustained.They will follow the crowd, the herd.They are afraid to let them go, because they are consoling.It may be consoling;but it is not liberating...

At Sunday, April 30, 2006 at 7:54:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous $visitorIP said...

The bloom fell today. My grandfather passed away today on his birthday. He had another surgery and they punctured his lung. It is very unfortunate because he was improving so much. I guess when it is your time though, there is not much you can do. At least he is not suffering anymore right?

Well, I know that this illustrates the cycle of life. I just wanted to share with you the news and tell you that I love you. I hope that things are going great.

With all my love,

At Sunday, July 30, 2006 at 11:43:00 AM EDT, Blogger Dizzy $visitorIP said...

my condolences to Sarah & family...
Hope you are doing well charles...

At Saturday, August 5, 2006 at 1:32:00 AM EDT, Blogger Dizzy $visitorIP said...

Dear Charles
I cannot send you a card, but I can send you a smile...

Please accept my heartfelt wishes to you on this Friendship Day.

With love

At Friday, September 1, 2006 at 12:58:00 PM EDT, Blogger Dizzy $visitorIP said...

hey charles...guess that google has indexed ur blog..whatever that ur resting on ur laurels now..enjoying wines beers...or was that coffee???? your understanding has grown...& I think that the year and half, was enough time for a lifetime when u did'nt speak at what makes u fall silent again??

& by the way, that year and a half was immediately after you were born...

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